Steinberg UR44C: analog synthesizers to HI-Z and line inputs 5/6?

Hello everyone, is it save to connect analog synthesizers to HI-Z inputs and line inputs 5/6? The problem is that I need to connect 3 synths (and another one in the near future). All of them have mono outputs.

I never tried before Hi-Z inputs, but i read a few comments that it shouldn’t be dangerous, just need to start with the lowest input gain and see if it wont be too loud. I also read that in general it should be a switch to low z, then it should be good for synths. However I find no information about it for UR44C.

About line inputs 5/6: manual says “For connection to digital instrument”. Does it means that only a digital synthesizer could be connected without causing any harm?

The synths I would like to connect without causing any harm: Behringer RD-8, TD-3 and Novation Bass Station 2.

I would appreciate you all for any help since I cannot return anymore my UR44C… And I don’t want to, it feels solid and promising.

Why do you want to use a Hi-Z input if you only have 3 or 4 mono synths to connect?
Using Line-in 3-4-5-6 should give you exactly what you need?
(only Line 1-2 have hi-z on TRS)
Could that solve your problem?

If Line-3-4-5-6 is not enough and you still need to use 1-2 also, you might get better results using a cable matted with an XLR at the UR44C to bypass the Hi-Z circuit.
Make double-sure however you did not engage the +48V phantom, or you may damage your synth!

Dear Y-D, thank you for clarification! Lines 3-6 works perfectly.

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