Steinberg UR44C - ERROR Message Firmware Update USB

Hi All, I just purchased the UR44C and all downloads went well expect the firmware update.
It keeps saying : ERROR UR is not detected, Please check the connection and reboot this software.
Firmware Version Boot: V1.10 Main: V1.60 → V1.50

Everything seems to be working fine but it just won’t upgrade.
Will this prevent me from getting future updates? Or are some features or fixes not present?

Also…is it normal for the USB light to continuously flash when just powered by plug outlet. Can i use this unit without the USB connected?

I used the given USB cable and I also used USB-C to USB-C cables.
Any help thoughts great appreciated.

You probably have newer version of firmware already installed from factory.

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Yes, thats what the documentation says but should it not say i am up to date.

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Ideally it should. But it may be just a generic error message telling you it failed to install or find a device that needs updating.

I did the firmware update when it was released a year ago. I have Boot: V1.00 and Main: V1.50

If you have newer version you should be good. No need to install firmware update.

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As stated in the manual on page 3, it will flash as long as you don’t have a stable USB connection to a computer (or iPad).
I often use it this way too, to route my synth line out to my monitors without bothering to switch on my computer. You’ll need of course to plug a computer to make any changes to that routing though…

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ok thanks