Steinberg UR824 or MOTU 896mk3? Please help deciding

Hi everyone. Since my “good” old M-Audio FastTrack Ultra 8R" passed away few days ago, I’m looking into buying a new interface and can’t quite make a decision.

The reasons why I’m interested in the mentioned two are:

  • expandable up to 24 inputs (via ADAT)
  • USB 2.0 (which I prefer over FireWire)
  • not the worst sounding units to get, I guess.

Main concern in comparison to the M-Audio FTU8R: is it possible to route the software returns coming from the DAW freely to the interfaces’ outputs (to create different custom playback tracks while multiple musicians are dubbing some tracks)?

Any help would be highly appreciated! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot, guys.

Not sure if it helps but page 33 of the manual has the signal flow diagram. Page 4, 7 , 10 and 13 talks about the headphone outs:

I can’t compare with the Motu but the UR824 is a good interface. I have owned mine for 6 months and like the potential for exapandability with ADAT. You can do quite a bit of routing with the DSP Mix application.

Hi Ronan
I dont really understand the question, and you mentioning “software returns” makes me think you either have run RME stuff before, or have a DAW I am not familiar with. So maybe my answers are totally off, if so then sorry.
What I think you mean is in Cubase and Studio One called Cue mixes, and yes those can be assigned to different outputs on the 824. You can, in dspmixfx, choose which of the signals go to the headphone outs (they van not be separately chosen, and also not directly selectable in the daw). With dspmixfx you can then mix in the instruments played to get zero latency if you want, but nowadays I just use the low latency Z thingie on the DAW.
In S1 you must have those outputs as stereo btw, no way to get a mono cue mix which means the most you can get out of the 824 is three cue mixes plus the main mix. In cubase, iirc, you can have mono cue mixes if you like, but otoh there is a limit to 4 cue mixes anyway.