Steinberg UR824 vs UAD Apollo Twin Duo

Hi all - time to consider an upgrade to my interface.

I’m hopeful some of you reading this may have experience with both of these units. Both similar in price but vastly different in workflow from what I read.

I’m a PC user and the UR824 should be the obvious purchase choice for me (direct monitoring, control room integration) which would be wonderful to have but I also own a UAD pcie card and have invested in their plugins so I’m also considering the potential benefits of an Apollo Twin mostly for mixing/mastering. But then again I would also have to make the leap to a Mac. Then the questions begin i5, i7? imac?

Any experience with how the preamps compare etc? Anyone with great or negative experiences with either?

If you want to talk features, this unit:

is the best I’ve ever seed.

The guy who runs a forum I post at had a run at owning the ur and wasn’t able to make it work in a studio setting.

He went with RME. There’s some solid interfaces.

I would go duo if that’s enough I/O for your setup.

I didn’t know it was mac only though, damn.

Their other interfaces can be had used for pretty good price, I would trust them used.

Hey thanks for that Tacman! I hadn’t heard of it. Reading mixed reviews about it.

Lot of people had driver problems, I never did. They had problems keeping up with mac OS changes.

Don’t think I’d use one if I had a mac.

Only interface with monitor control with 3 sets and active crossover for your sub. Nice reverb and compression for zero latency recording.