Steinberg USB-eLicenser cannot be registered because the OLD email address no longer exists

Hi all,
My friend bought Cubase some time ago and registered it using his business email name with its own Domain Name.

The business subsequently went bust and the Domain Name was not renewed.

Meanwhile he purchased an upgrade to Cubase using a NEW Gmail email account.

He received the Order sent to his NEW Gmail account, containing 1) an Access Code, 2) Customer number
The update installed OK and updated Cubase license appeared in eLicenser

Problem is:
Since then, he has had to replace the hard disk PC.

He cannot register eLicenser using his NEW Gmail account - error message is “This eLicenser number has already been registered by another user”

He has attempted to register eLicenser using his OLD email address - it sends a security verification code to his OLD email address (that no longer exists).
He is effectively stuck with no registered license. Catch-22.

Steinberg licensing/faq says
“Your software licenses are tied to your Steinberg ID, which uses your email address as your unique identity.”

We have tried everything with no success.
Unless there is a solution, it would appear that Steinberg would need to manually override this anomaly and associate his NEW Gmail email account with his Steinberg ID so his eLicenser will register.
Any suggestions please?

Have you tried to follow the steps from this support document? I assume you mean a Soft eLicenser, because the USB eLicenser should simply work.

Aha - we’ll re-read that. It must be something else.
We can see the eLicenser Control Center “My Licenses” details OK
But when Cubase opens, it says “no licenses found” and then quits
Will re-install everything
Thanks JuergenP