Steinberg USB mac drivers problem

Hi, thanks for letting me join the forum, i have a mac book pro with 1TB SSD and 16gb ram, only 12 months old, i am running High Sierra and have just purchased a UR44, running Cubase Elements at the moment with plans on upgrading to Artist or Pro, anyway problem is when I go to open the Steinberg USB driver console all I get is a message about it, even if i try to open it in Cubase same thing, if I go to my midi control centre it shows up in there as 6in and 6 out, Does anyone know if this is a common problem on High Sierra with the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver on a mac? an help would be great. Also everything else seems to be working fine, UR44 is working great.


Anyone have any ideas at all? surly someone must have similar problem?

Not sure what you’re trying to do, but yeah, if you open the USB driver in System Preferences, all you get is an ‘about’ box.
In Cubase the settings for the audio card is under (at least in Cubase 9 Pro, not sure about Elements) Devices -> Device Setup -> VST Audio System.

Also be aware that Steinberg had advised people not to use their product line on High Sierra:

Yep thats it, all you get is the about box, there is no way to access the control panel, even in cubase,

Okay, and as already mentioned: “Also be aware that Steinberg had advised people not to use their product line on High Sierra”

Yeah i read the same thing mate, all good, just have to put up with it till an update comes out.

Just received this email from Yamaha Australia.


This is normal on mac

Currently Cubase and the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver are not officially compatible with Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra

If you are experiencing trouble with the UR44 with High Sierra you can switch the “CC Mode” switch to the On position

This will use the Macs Class compliant driver and should enable you to use you UR44 until Steinberg release an updated driver