Steinberg Vintage Compressor


I’m using the steinberg vintage compressor alot and want to change my workflow by using it more out of the stripmenu. As far as i understand, it should be the same compressor like the vst, just integrated in the stripmenu of the MixConsole. However, if i do so, the ratio parameter is missing.

My question: is this a bug? Or if not, what ratio is the compressor dial to? I could not found any hint in the manual or the plugin reference…

Cheers, Tomess

On a pg. 198 of the Cubase 7 manual it does say that channel strip plugins have a reduced feature set in comparison to the equivalent insert plugins. It doesn’t say what the specific differences are. I have not found any more info on this, but I don’t think this is a bug. However, it would be nice having a simple comparison chart to know what the differences are. In the case of the Vintage Compressor missing the ratio - that is fairly significant.

I suppose in the end this is all about CPU cycles and if the channel strip plugs can do what you want then use them. If you have a need for more advanced features use the insert plugs. Perhaps Steinberg could just have an “advenced” switch that put all the channel strip effects in “full feature” mode for those who want to use them exclusively at the expense of cpu and screenspace.

Great idea.

Ultimately it would be nice to drag and drop any plug (3rd party stuff included) directly
into the mix console and have a ‘minimum’ and ‘full feature mode’ (as described above)
available for users.

But as stated , there are always inserts.


Heads up that this “Vintage” Compressor is in no way near the performance of the 1176 model the GUI implies. The primary fault being the shortest attack time is waaaay to slow to catch fast transient attacks (drums!). Compare to a 3rd-party 1176 emulation and you’ll instantly know what I mean.

Hey, thanks everybody for replying!

I looked into the manual, but it seems that the german manual is different from the english one…so thanks for doing this for me! :blush:. I like it how it sounds in Cubase. But it’s sad that there are only reduced version for the channelstrip…i think i will use the ‘normal’ version in the future…

+1, they should just change the faceplate imo. This is pulling up in a Fiero with a Ferrari Sticker.