Steinberg Virtual Bassist

I had an old Version 2 copy of Groove Agent that I never really got into, so decided last week to reinstall (bit of a mission) and give it a serious spin. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, but this is a really good VSTi. Delving further, I came across Steinberg’s Virtual Bassist which I tried to download.
However after two days of fighting off potential Trojans and viruses, I have been unable to find a site where I can download a clean copy. There is an update Mac file, but nothing else.
Can anyone direct me to a ‘clean download page? I would appreciate it very much.

Well, if you have a license of it, you can contact support to obtain a download link.

Thanks for your response.
I was under the impression that after Steinberg stopped co-operation with Wazoo /Air (Virtual Guitarist/Bassist), the versions became freeware.
It then makes sense why the sites offering the downloads, were stores for Trojans and viruses.
I probably appear pretty naïve.