Steinberg Virtual Guitar Software

Can anyone tell me where I can get some Virtual Guitar Software which in the past has been produced by Steinberg. I read that Steinberg no longer produce it. If that’s true where can I download a previous version second hand on the Web.

Also does anyone know how much it would cost to buy this software. It does not appear on the Steinberg Web Site.


Mickster :slight_smile:

I would stay away from this, I own VG2 and it’s truly genius software and still works, but for how long?
By the way the software is bound to the USB Dongle, when buying secondhand make sure you get the usb dongle as well and let the owner transfer the license onto your name!

This product was developed by Wizoo in name of Steinberg, Wizoo has been bought by Digidesign!

With any luck the AIR group will develop it further and give us VG3, men that would be a nice gesture.