Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2

Hello everybody.
Maybe somebody have to sell Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2 ? I’m want to buy.

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You do know it is a 32bit plugin and needs a wrapper to work in Cubase?

Yes I’m know this
Did you have VG2 ?

I still have vg1 and vg2 and use it rarely but do use it for wah guitar and some other bits.

It would be quite hard to get as not only do you need a licence on a dongle you also need the disks. Even with the licence you have to put vg1 disk in to verify before you can install vg2. Anyone with vg will probably still need the dongle. I have Wavelab as well as Cubase on mine.

Ok. I’m have everything too from Cubase to Nuendo . But I’m need Virtual Guitarist 2 if you have? I’m need the license because the disk copy they have on the steinberg homepage in the discontinued products.

It’s the best virtual instrument ever made. I’m glad I bought it 15 years ago. Use it all the time. Will never sell it :)))