Steinberg Virtual Instruments in Dorico 4 still need dongle?

As far as I can see, I still need to plug in the dongle to use Steinberg Halion based virtual instruments, e.g. Electric Bass and TGuitar. Is there a way round this or are updates likely in the near future. I can manage with NI instruments but it would be nice to use the Steinberg ones.

Apart from all the other great new features in Dorico 4, running dongle free is a surprisingly liberating experience.

I am not very familiar with the full range of Steinberg’s different virtual instruments, but have you definitely updated to HSSE If what you are using is a vstsound file that is loaded by HSSE, then that ought to work without a dongle already.

Yes, I’ve updated to thanks. Although you load the instruments with Halion SE, they appear as separate content sets and also show as separate licenses in the eLicenser Control Centre.

Do you actually get an error if you try to use those content sets without the eLicenser plugged in?

Yes, the instruments are listed with a warning icon against them, then an error message appears if you select them. I guess this will be resolved as the new license system is rolled out. See attached:-