Steinberg VST Download site???

Where can I download Steinberg VST plugins from? I’m frustrated after spending the last 1/2 an hour trying to find any info on Steinbergs sites regarding pitch correction plugins. I’m not looking for anything free, but how can you buy anything when it’s so difficult to find? A google search only re-directs me to crack sites and other 3rd party marketing companies.

Which Cubase version do you have?

Don’t know which VSTs you’re looking for:

It´s always that difficult to find, when you look for something that can´t be found because it doesn´t exist. That´s not only with Steinberg, but also in real life…

Is there some thing where you’re forced to be a jerk everytime you answer a question? It becomes annoying after awhile. I come here to learn and get ideas from other people. It is not a pedestal for you to dictate and be a jerk to Steinberg customers. Why don’t you get your own forum and act like an arsehole there and leave this for people who sincerely want to help others. I’m sure you know your stuff. Is it necessary to make others feel less of a person because you know so much more? Honestly I am tired of your responses and wish you would just go away. Thats all I’m going to say.

Put me on your foe list.

It seems like there’s always someone living in their parents basement with time to waste, and they don’t mind wasting the time of others as well.

I’m running Cubase 4.5, and the plugin I was looking for is shown in this tutorial on Youtube:

They mention it was included in Cubase 5, and I was wondering if it’s available for download, and if it will work with Cubase 4. I presently have Autotune evo, and this plugin looks very similar from a functional standpoint.

I am also looking for something that could possibly edit polyphonic sounds like guitar chords without the high expense of the Melodyne product.


No, as you found out, it can´t - as said it comes “bundled” with Cubase 5 (and 6) (and 7).

Editing polyphonic sounds as you put it, is currently state of the art technology, as such you’ll need to pay a premium for it.