Steinberg VST3 Availability Outside Of WaveLab

Hi Forum,
Just out of interest,is the Steinberg VST3 plugin collection embedded in WaveLab accessible to other audio applications,DAW etc?

A cursory scan in Windows explorer would suggest not,however,if so,could their location be revealed please?

Many Thanks

Hi Neil,
I am on Mac an have installed both Cubase Pro 12 and Wavelab Pro 11.
In Logic Pro on the same Mac I get AU Versions for Padshop 2 and Retrolouge 2, which is really great.
But in the effects section, unfortunately there is no Steinberg entry.

Thanks Robert,
There’s what appears to be a combined VST3 file tucked away,which seems to roll up all the MasterSection and discrete plug-ins other than CurveEQ into one,which in my DAW(Cakewalk) at least,causes errors to be thrown.

Pity really,as there’s some nice tools in that collection!

Neil C.