Steinberg VSTs running on multiple computers

If I have Cubase Elements on my Surface Go and Cubase Pro on another computer and then purchase Groove Agent, and Halion 6, will I be able to install and use them on both machines?


Any application which is licensed on the USB-eLicenser can be installed at multiple computers. Where is the USB-eLicenser plugged in, you can start the application.

The application licensed on the Soft-eLicenser don’t work this way. You always have to Reactivate the license.

By default Cubase Elements is Soft-eLicenser, but you can transfer it to the USB-eLicenser (but not back later on). Cubase Pro is using USB-eLicneser same as Groove Agent and HALion 6 and cannot be using without the USB-eLicenser.

btw, Halion and Groove Agent no longer require the USB key.

Ooops, thank you!