Steinberg WaveLab LE 7?

So I bought this piece of hardware recently which came with “Steinberg WaveLab LE 7” which looks to be a cheap DAW.

So I already have both “Logic Pro X” and “Pro Tools” (Yep, I have two DAWs, basically got suckered into buying PT11 which has AAX plugin support only, then decided to get Logic so I could use other formats after getting frustrated during a week of tons of “free VSTs” threads on r/WeAreTheMusicMakers).

So I don’t really feel the need to learn another DAW, but out of pure curiosity, is there anything this thing can do that Logic/PT do not? Is this just a pared-down “Steinberg Cubase”?

Basically wasn’t interested in this freebie and until now didn’t even realize it was a thing. Reviews on Google all seem to treat it like a serious DAW.

Some of the search results suggest that it is mainly used for Mastering.

I guess I’m basically asking, having spent so long learning to use what I already have, is it worth more time learning how to use this software? + what is it generally used for, does anybody else actually use it??

I think, at this point, your best option is one of the following:

1.) Google a copy of the LE 7 manual and download it.
If you can’t find a copy of the LE 7 manual,
2.) download a copy of the LE 8 manual from the Steinberg site so that you at least have some idea what WaveLab LE is about.
3.) Do a forum search for LE 7-related topics.

I’m guessing most people posting on the forum aren’t using anything older than variants of WaveLab 9.