Steinberg website from an iOS

Is anyone else going on the Steinberg website from their iPhone or iPad and seeing it pushed to the left with some information being cut off? I’ve been seeing that for over a year now and been dealing with it cuz I thought it was an issue with apple but it’s strange when I visit the site from my laptop everything shows up normal. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Looks normal on my iPads in both safari and chrome

must be something I have set wrong then… Thanks!

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? its been bugging me for years.

The Steinberg website mentioned by the op looks the same on my iPad/Safari iOS 10.3.2 as what onemidi posted. Meaning it is shifted to the left. The forum website looks fine. Never noticed this until now. Weird, now it is bugging me too. :frowning:

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On your screenshot only “information” I can see been cut off is left side of the image which promotes different Steinberg products. If there’s something more, please clarify. If not, just move on … nothing to see here … just normal behavior of poorly written computer software which gets confused when trying to render an image to the screen with resolution not capable of displaying the whole image.

Of course if this bothers you too much, you can of course buy an Android-based device which doesn’t get confused and displays the whole image. :smiling_imp:

It displays fine on my iPad here. Under the Settings “General” and “Display and Brightness” there are some text size related options. Your picture looks like you may have a larger text size selected and maybe that makes the standard size webpage too big? Just a guess really but perhaps try some smaller text size settings. Of course, you may like the text bigger but at least you may find out why it doesn’t seem to fit.

FYI… I tried each text setting from the smallest to the largest. None make a difference. The Steinberg site looks the same at all settings (like the op posted). It is shifted left with it in landscape or portrait view. I don’t remember seeing this concern with my 9.7" iPad 3. I gave that to my daughter and purchased a 9.7" iPad 2017 when they 1st came out. Luckily I don’t go to the main SB site that often on my iPad. Oh well… back to making music for me. :wink:

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