Steinberg! Where is my license?

Idiot situation! My licenses are gone. They are not in my account, they are not in the elicensor. Grove Agent 5 - no license. Absolute 5 - no license. It is unclear where they went. It is not clear how to restore them. Steinberg’s support is disgusting! It seems like they are doing everything they can to avoid being contacted. This is the only company that has so little respect for its customers.
I think that this message will also remain unheeded. But here’s what I’d like to say to our friends at Steinberg… There are many other great companies out there these days. And if Steinberg doesn’t love me, I’ll go to others.
Thank you!

If reactivation will not recover your licence then you will need to work with Steinberg Support to sort out the issue.

eLicenser is obsolescent now - Absolute 6 has moved to the new Steinberg Licensing system.

Forgive me! Beat me! Throw tomatoes at me! It was my mistake. My licenses is Ok. My apologies to Steinberg. I was wrong.
What’s happened…
I own Absolute 4 and Groove Agent 5 inside it. That’s why I didn’t see the license for Groove Agent 5.
But the question goes away. What should I do in my situation? Recently all my additions for Grove Agent 5 and Padshop 2 received an update for Steinberg License. But GA5 and Padshop 2 still request dongle. And there are no updates for them.
Don’t know what to do.
eLicensor will eventually run out and I’m afraid to be left without my instruments.
The easiest way is to update to a new Absolute 6, but I absolutely don’t want to pay 199 euros for licenses that I already have.
Any ideas?

The only way to move Absolute to Steinberg Licensing is to update to Absolute 6. This will give you HALion 7 as well as some additional content.

Thanks for the advice, but this is not a solution of the problem. I don’t need Hallion 7, and it’s kind of stupid to pay for licenses that are already mine. Yes, now the elicenser is working and you can forget about the problem. But someday the elicenser will stop working and the problem will arise again. So wouldn’t it be better to solve it now?