Steinberg/Wizoo discontinued products.

As we know, by the end of the Steinberg/Wizoo collaboration all Wizoo products are discontinued by Steinberg.
Does this mean we loose the money spent on these products or will Steinberg offer us a rebate on some other products they have?

If they are still installed on your system, then nothing is really lost - I still run both WizooVerb W2 & W5 even though both are long since discontinued as they still sound great.
What is it that you have lost the use of - doesn’t sound good…

I’m about to switch to OSX snow leopard and as far as I know Virtual Guitarist 2 won’t work on Snow Leopard anymore.
The thing is, when I bought the software I expected Steinberg to keep a ‘flow’ on updating products like this.(e.g. Virtual guitarist 3 and so on).
Sure no one can put the blame on Steinberg for the ending of the collaboration with Wizoo, but (just a thought) I think SB should give some attention to people that bought products that are not any more supported.
And to make it clear-I’m not talking about old/discontinued plugins that have been replaced with new ones.

There is a difference between something beeing discontinued because of the release of a newer version and something beeing discontinued due to company issues.

I’m running Virtual Guitarist 2 on my MacBook with Snow Leopard 10.6.7. Seems to work ok here.


that’s good news!
I’ll give it a try when I’ll have my new system setup.
thanks guys for the response

Don’t forget to apportion a hefty dollop of blame onto Apple as well - nobody is forcing them to keep putting out versions of OS-X the way they are. It’s a wonder any plugin companies can keep up.
You can’t honestly expect obsolete plugs to be supported on OS that did not exist when they were discontinued, surely!