Steinberg/Yamaha partnership RogerLinn Design - new LinnStrument w/ Integration in Groove Agent, Halion, Cubase

I agree, Groove Agent 5 is radical, I’ve been building my own sample library the past year and have created so many sounds and combinations, and ‘grooves’ I wouldn’t have normally. The integration is great.

But you definitely touched on something - Ableton has Push, and not only do they have Push but they have Novation developing 3rd party, borderline exclusively for Ableton.

This is definitely a significant dark spot in Steinbergs offerings/exclusive 3rd party hardware development for Cubase and it’s an important thing because it’s sort of a music genre-flag for people… “Electronic music hello over here!”, “hip-hop, yo yo yo over here!”.

And apart from any particular genre, it’s just a handy thing to have - even if you’re doing sound design, designing menu buttons for a video game. I have a simple Korg PadKontrol which as rudimentary as it gets but it’s so handy and gets used all the time. I just needed decently responsive nice feeling pads and a mapping editor and it provides that. Lots of work getting done with it.

I’m not big enough of a NI user to warrant getting Machine. I use three of their products (Absynth, Kontakt, Reaktor) and don’t really see a need for machine, it’s sort of become an all in one product thing and I mostly create all of my own drum sounds.

Steinberg could easily sell more units if they included Groove Agent Pro or at decreased price with a good quality controller. sweeten the deal.

You might find this post interesting if you haven’t seen it. A combination of the two ideas I wonder?

That’s very cool, but I would keep them as separate products. If something breaks, you don’t lose both things.

And also, people always want to play on my drumpads but they can stay the f away from my DAW controller - certainly wouldn’t want them messing with it. Also, if the drumpads are being performed on, don’t really want to have to use it to navigate the DAW at the same time anyways.