Steinberg/Yamaha partnership RogerLinn Design - new LinnStrument w/ Integration in Groove Agent, Halion, Cubase

This is missing from Steinbergs offerings - a drum/instrument controller.

The aesthetics match, and I think the nerd-factor/composing/programming match as well. I think all three of these companies have similar concepts and theories.

A new LinnStrument
-Direct smart integration into Cubase, Groove Agent (ie colours of pads in Groove agent reflects to LinnStrument), and Halion.
-Capable of controlling other Cubase aspects (transport, PLE, etc)
-MIDI 2.0

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steinberg don’t have a good history with hardware - in general it’s best to avoid

if you want something like this then try the NI maschine range - it’s much better than groove agent IMO

I think you’re overlooking the Yamaha and RogerLinn part…

I don’t think I am

Well then what’s your point? You singled out Steinberg, but Steinberg isn’t a sole entity anymore - so it’s not logical to use their previous history pre-Yamaha? Avid/Digidesign has put out their fair share of - terrible - hardware. Companies like Antelope and other boutique AD/DA companies have at times struggled with things like drivers. RADAR has failed to have parts and replacement support for their old units.

Not really sure what you’re talking about.

SB were bought by Yamaha in 2004 after a very brief and pointless period with PinnacleSys. That’s 16 years ago. And no, I’m not judging them by their products from the 1990s

Their history of support on their range of hardware products has been patchy at best. I find it best to avoid them - and I advise others to do the same. And yes other companies can also be bad (who’d have thought it!). In the case of SB there are usually MUCH better options. In particular I strongly suggest you try Maschine with their dedicated hardware. Makes GA5 look like something from the olden days.

I’m not sure why you don’t understand what I’m saying ? and you asked for my point ?

Well you posted an opinion on a public forum - and I expressed my opinion based on direct first hand experience. Isn’t that what this forum is for ?

10" touchscreen with pads and knobs would be nice for GA

Well I don’t get it, because, my suggestion is that they release a good piece of hardware - not a bad piece of hardware. Their history is sort of irrelevant of what they could potentially do right.

I’m continuously trying to simplify my setup and rely less and less on 3rd party software and such - you end up relying on it and then new DAW update is released, new protocols, new drivers, new system OS updates - a thousand variables of failure. That and, I clean reformat my computer quite often and it’s less stuff to install.

Groove Agent 5 is pretty great, there are some quirks that could be worked out, but I’m enjoying it and its integration. Eitherway, this isn’t a review/opinion thread, it’s a feature request thread - and my request is that Steinberg/Yamaha come up with a drum machine/controller that seamlessly integrates with Cubase, Groove Agent, and Halion - whether you think they are capable of doing so or not, is sort of irrelevant. appreciate your suggestions though.

This is cool, but maybe overkill and a simpler solution would offer plenty as is. Simple is sturdy.

Maybe the screen could be sold separate as a detachable thing sort of like the Surface Pro can detatch from keyboard

you didn’t read what I wrote - some (most?) of their hardware is very well made, good features and POTENTIALLY great.

and “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”

This thread is all over the place. All hardware is potentially great, and also, potentially faulty as have been $2000 mics I’ve bought from reputable 50+year old companies who have a good history.

I’m not asking Steinberg to come up with a drumpad controller at their German HQ. I’m suggesting Yamaha team/partner with Roger Linn (who invented drum samplers and the MPC) develop drumpad hardware for Steinberg software.

Yamaha and Roger Linn both have a long history of releasing rock solid hardware products. I’m pretty sure Yamaha is even bigger worldwide than Roland… All their educational keyboards/musical instruments, high quality guitars and drums and then their pro keyboards/synths - Motif, Modx, Montage, etc - all very comprehensive and deep products. Consoles, mixers, Nuage, converters, digital hardware effects.

Yamaha has never done drumpad/machine type stuff from what I can remember, maybe briefly. They do however have experience in mass quality production, deep programming architecture in their synths, and integration.

Roger Linn has all the experience with drum pads.

Steinberg has the DAW software.

Yamaha+Roger Linn+Steinberg.

I’m putting together a hypothetical dream team to make a - not sh4tty - drumpad/sampler/controller for Steinberg software.

Heck while we’re here, why not get Dave Smith involved to implement real analog filters somewhere, maybe Dave Rossum would be interested as well.

As a heavy maschine user in the past I have pretty much fully migrated to near solely using groove agent 5. I think you possibly underestimate this sampler. it’s a beast and is a monster being heavily integrated within cubase in every way imaginable, compared to attempting to use maschine as a plugin, which every NI user knows is a pain. Curious to know, what is it that maschine does better that you feel makes GA outdated?

This wouldnt work in GAs current format the buttons are too small for a normal screen let alone touchscreen.

I’d much rather prefer a typical drumpad control in which the pads light up with corresponding colours as what is entered in the GA instrument - with some basic fundamental controls.

If that’s all you want maybe just get a maschine mikro

I wouldn’t say it’s all I want, but will Groove Agent relay pad light information to machine micro?

Doubt it but pretty sure someone could write some kind of scripted code for it to make it so, though it would probably need constant updating as and when NI updated

Yeah that’s pretty much my feature request - automatic plug and play integration. pad colours relay to controller lights, quick control encoders, kit mute/solo’ing, pattern/transport control

I’d be intrigued to see what kind of offering stein and yam could offer in this field especially compared to maschine mklll or the Mikro which is a super cool little controller. But I’d be surprised if it would make much of a revenue return for them so I dare say they wouldn’t invest too many resources into developing one but you never know.

The thing about GA 5 i believe is that because it is bundled with cubase people kinda take it for granted. And just assume there are better alternatives since NI akai have been in the game for so long and steinberg aren’t renowned sampler connoisseurs. But the irony is that groove agent is actually amazing. Whenever people diss it I always think I bet they haven’t really properly seen what it can do.

Also steinberg don’t do themselves any favours with the UI design what with the tiny buttons to press etc. If they reskinned GA to make it more contemporary looking and easier to navigate it would be such a huge pull to their platform if they marketed it more, rather than the current seemingly buried diamond in the rough that you come across by chance.

They simply need to reskin, get some top tier producer name attachment to design fresh new packs and market it right and it will appeal a little more to the ableton crowd. Ableton are currently eating into Cubase’s returns it seems (though I don’t have supporting figures to prove so I could be wrong). Maybe a dedicated hardware controller alongside a slick new reskin could also appeal to an ableton crowd. (I freaking love cubase I think it’s amazing)

at the risk of being pedantic :smiley: GA5 SE is bundled with cubase, GA5 is a separate, paid for, product