Steinberg, you MUST create this!!!!

When you mix you create a volume balance. Then when you write automation you need to keep that balance. So for example I start writing volume automation and snare. I touch the fader, increase the volume and depress left mouse buttin. And what we have? New level! It’s aweful. In Pro Tools when you release the fader your level goes back to the main level. So why you can’t do the same in Cubase? It’s a shame!!!
And make Bounce in Place with real time mode. I don’t need to lose my quality!

that’s right!

You can do this with a VCA or a free gain plugin. Although would be nice to have a built-in option in Cubase.

I didn’t understand the Render quality part…

You didn’t understand first part as well. You can’t have your level back with VCA fader. Where you leave your fader there will be your level. In Pro Tools the level goes back to starting position.
Bounce in place has only fast mixdown mode. You lose your quality. We need the real-time bounce

Check out the different automation modes, perhaps you’ll find something that already does what you want. I’m happy the faders don’t have too much ‘will’ by themselves and stay where I set them :sunglasses:

Realtime vs. offline bounce = absolute same quality. Check for yourself with a proper null test (leave out plugins with unsynced modulation, modelled analog random behaviour).

I see, maybe that also can be done with a plugin, I don’t know, but as marQs said, I prefer to have the control over where is my fader all the time. But different people, different needs.

This is just an urban legend.

There is an automation mode that will do this for the OP (Trim…? Virgin territories…?). I’m not so up on all of them…

But in essence, its handy to have an automation line running the length of the project, first. You can do this quickly by setting a start point and then doing a ‘Fill to End’ function. Then, with Trim mode, you can achieve what you’re after (like wot PT does…!). If you don’t have one already set, and you don’t want to set one anyway, then this is where Virgin Territories can come in. You’ll need to read up about use of that…!

As marQs has said, there’s already plenty in those automation modes Cubase offers now. (Thats not saying its beyond improvement - ‘Snapshots’ anyone…? :wink:)


In ProTools, if this first automation move is done in touch mode, it assumes the initial value of the lane is the desired value for the whole lane. So the touch automation will affect only that part. If you want have this behavior in Cubase, you have to write an automation point manually at the end of the lane, which is not so intuitive.

To me, the automation modes in Cubase feel a little bit awkward compared to PT. Maybe it’s because I’m doing more automation in PT (for post-production) than in Cubase.

It’s called “flyback”. When you write automation with touch it should “fly back” to the previous level. If it doesn’t do that it’s broken or incorrectly designed. Of course, it should only do that in Touch and maybe Trim since Latch will latch and Write will write.

You have to create a point value at the end of the track. If you have a volume that works good and you wanna add automation you have to press READ on track and then with the pencil create a point at the end of the track, now your volume is ‘fixed’ at your right value so all automation in touch mode that you’ll do will be written and after touch your volume come back at the ‘fixed’ value. Hope this will help…BYE

I know this. Good way. But If you have 100 tracks it was boring in Cabse 5 to put 100 points. Right now it’s easy with VCA faders but anyway I want it improved.

And Steinberg!!! Kill you pop-up buttons on plugin in the mixer!!! It’s aweful! Creat it like it was in Cubase 5 or like it’s in Pro Tools with pressed Ctrl + click on the name of a plugin.