Steinbergs courier


Which courier does Steinberg use for shipments to France?I tried my tracking code (on the invoice) in ups but it didn’t register. My code begins with the two letters BZ if that helps.



I live in england and ordered from Steinberg website

Got an email with my legal rights on but no info in respect of how long I’ll be waiting or indeed a tracking code for a courier

Question - did you get 2 emails? (one like mine advising me of my rights), then a shipment email?

I got an additional email after that.

Your wait looks soon to be over :wink:

I havent seen any posts yet indicative of those having received and installed 6

You could be one of the first to get a delivery, was the second email sent quickly after the first?

wow your copy of C6 is already getting shipped? nice :sunglasses:

I ordered mine within an hour of it going online and I haven’t gotten my invoice number yet… :confused:

Where in the world are you? And was it UPS or DHL?

Please read above - tis all there

Looks like I have to wait longer. I have to wait for a fourth email to confirm the shipping judging by previous history :frowning: UPS delivered last time