Steinberg's dongle alternative coming

Being able to trial Cubase (without having to get a dongle) is not a right.
Steinberg chooses to allow trials (on their terms).
Steinberg has to weigh the potential to bring new customers versus the risk of their product being cracked.

The software version of the eLc maintains its’ integrity to this day; maybe this is what SB co. are talking about?

Cubase use for a laptop onstage is maybe a little overkill. There are a few other apps that would be better for the task if you are worried about the dongle. And they’re readily available and much cheaper, probably much simpler to use as well. But then I’m a big fan of keeping it simple and not needing to be worrying about things like dongles when I’m doing a show that needs a sequencer controlling the show.

I have nothing other than cables connected to my laptop.

Yes, that’s exactly what I do. :confused:

Be sure to wear safety goggles. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Unless your hard drive or logic board goes south.



That method might be problematic for mobile/traveling/‘on the road use’.

On location with no ‘innertube’ connection. Not good.

From my POV
Protection comes in two ways

1- Internally. (Hard drive/Logic board)
2-External. (Dongle etc)

Perhaps a ‘blend’ or option of both.

If dongle based; a physically stronger one for sure.

A ‘robust’/‘road worthy’/‘roadie tested’/‘smart’ dongle.


An alternative would imply the possibility of the dongle still being viable. Maybe what they figure is using the Internet as the alternative for those with an allergy to dongles. Another possibility is selling Cubase from like a digital store, like the Apple store or the Microsoft store.

I, like others, have other software that uses the eLicenser protection, so we’ll see what the future may bring.

What does that have to do with copy protection? If they go south I’m down no matter what copy protection I’m using,

You don’t need to buy a new dongle for the full version. You just download your new license to the same one.

The dongle protects Cubase from being cracked, so it would be insanity for Steinberg to offer an alternative version for trial use.

TPM’s or UEFI based motherboards could handle it.


You also mentioned working on a dongle-free trial for Cubase 7. That seems critical from a business/logic perspective. Can you even estimate how much business is lost due to this? Potential customers are forced to buy a proprietary dongle before they can even trial Cubase. They cannot simply download and try; they actually have to go out and buy this thing, or order it and wait for delivery. Then, if they want the full version, they get another dongle.

Will a dongle-free trial be available in the near future?

We are aware of this, for the time being customers will be able to trial Cubase Elements 7 without a dongle(The trial has not been released yet), it lacks some of the features in Cubase 7 (full version) but it will give future customers a feel of the software.
Unfortunately I do not see a dongle-free trial for Cubase 7 in the near future.
Many things have to be considered.

Thank you for choosing Cubase.
Best regards,

It’s about getting back up and running.

As long as you make an image file from your 1st download
then by using the dongle, no intertoob connection is required.

Other schemes rely on specific info from
either your hard drive or logic board or both.

If any thing changes with either of these two units for any reason,
(heck, even if you buy a brand new 'puter),
an connection (either internet or snail mail) with the ‘mother ship’
is required so new codes can be generated and then sent to the user.
This process can take time and be very problematic.


Used top hate the dongle. Probably still do but got used to it and I can live with it now. A much smaller and stronger dongle for me would be fine. I’ve dropped my dongle from desktop height onto carpet and it’s fallen apart.
So I do still hate the dongle just for different reasons.

You may need a big dongle to impress the ladies but a smaller stronger one will be less of a pain in the arse.

Steinberg alternative already came

Welcome to 2013. Modern software copy protection has come a long way since the clunky online-authorization schemes of 2001. Most software online protection only requires you have an internet connection on install. And I’ve never had a problem with anything of recent. Very quick and easy!

In contrast, last year’s registration and installation process for moving from Cubase SX 2 to Cubase 6 was by far, the longest, most painful software install I have EVER done. Period.

If it weren’t for the stupid, antiquated dongle, I probably wouldn’t even think of using another DAW. As it stands now, I am always on the look-out for a dongle free replacement. (Logic X is getting closer…)

I find this sort of comment rather sad really as it is only you that is loosing out by not using the dongle ,no one else . I completely understand why Steinberg have had to go down this route , if the world was perfect and free of thieves and freeloaders then the dongle would be non existent , blame the crack heads for this and not Steinberg ,if they feel the need to secure their software in this manner then so be it .
The dongle doesn’t hinder anything I do and I feel safe and reassured that if im away and someone breaks in and steals my basestation all my licences are safely stored away .

The only thing I would ask Steinberg for regarding the dongle is a stronger design considering what value licences they do hold but apart from that im for the dongle :wink:

I believe I just invented the word “DongleHammer” :stuck_out_tongue:


I understand how that type protection works but if I’m on a gig and my MB or HDD die I’m down either way. Although possible the likelihood of that happening is remote and a factor we all live with. The chances of a small plastic dongle sticking out of my laptop being broken or lost are not nearly as remote and add another layer of complication that I am unwilling to live with. For this reason for teaching and performing I still use Sonar X2 but I would rather use Cubase for all of my work.

As far as getting back up and running quickly I’ve never had problem re-authorizing software. After dealing with a hardware failure it’s no big deal. For some that may be a reason to like dongles but not for me.