Steinberg's feature survey pre v11 and what's there today?

There were a few surveys by Steinberg where they ask for the most wanted features (prepared list) and in which order of importance you liked to see them in a new release. Does anyone know if any of those even made it into v11? I am seeing some useful stuff but I wonder if anyone wanted Squasher and Imager and the new sound sets?

I do not have the survey’s list anymore, unfortunately

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The remote controller changes did not get very high on the lists, but at least they had plan for that. Did not the the bezier curve get very high? And we now get that at least in some form. Was not scale and chord improvement also on the table?

That is the thing, I have bad memory and can’t even remember what they have asked for :wink:
Gapless Audio Engine was one on them, but did not make it nor may it ever do.

I am looking for: having the scroll bar also on the left and right mixer zones (if you have many tracks either left or right, you won’t have the ruler to scroll through your channels if they don’t fit in the window).

I also like to have a collapse/expand feature for the mixer for different “folder/view groups”. It means it may be kind of having different width for channels too. For instance have audio channels very small but the groups relatively wide etc.

And missing fixes for various bugs and glitches and to have a working scaling for Windows :open_mouth:

here are the results:

bear in mind that this was pre 10.5 so actually covers 2 version upgrades not just v11.

Some of this came in 10.5 (limited video export, coloured tracks in the mixer).
V11 brings: Bezier curves in MIDI editor

So really the survey was a total waste of time.

Here’s my take. The ‘improvements’ and additions in V11 are just peripheral changes, they don’t have the dev talent to do any core updates so they stuck to just tweaking some things and writing some more plugins.

Some new plugins (nobody asked for and most have better alternatives).
spectralayers lite (separate developer and no use for those with a licence already - easy to bundle in)
ARA2 improvements - basically ‘bug fixes’
HiDPI improvements - basically ‘bug fixes’
Sampler Track improvements - meh (for many!)
Scale Assistant - meh (again)
Audio Export improvements - nice but hardly groundbreaking
Improved Eucon support - still broken as it has been since it was introduced many, many years ago.

err that’s more or less it

just my opinion - but cubase development seems to have stalled. They are promising great things for Nuendo but I’m not sure what has been delivered in C11 is going to be sufficient. I’m not complaining about the price, or value for money for the new plugins BUT I am worried that SB can’t actually deliver any proper CORE features.

Why do you think that? Many features take a very long time to do. Others might more or less technically impossible today. And it is only one input for the planning.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

lol, love it.

Well all the suggestions were put forward by SB themselves - they were not random requests from the users - so you would assume they pick things they could do ?

Some of that list is pretty low hanging fruit - “move tracks in mix console” for example - number 1 or 2 in the “wanted list” or “stereo effects on mono channels”

They had 18 months and 2 upgrade cycles to develop this- and many of the requests go back 10 years or further. They had to deliver v11 this November for various reasons but basically weren’t able to do anything like they had expected. So they threw some stuff together, fixed a few things, added some plugins and called it done.

I understand that for some people the ‘new’ features are useful and maybe even good value for money… but it’s CORE features that are needed - as the request list showed. This is a full version upgrade and I worry about the future if SB aren’t able to deliver these.

I suspect the core audio engine and code is getting pretty long in the tooth and fragile. They are reluctant to change it as it’s likely to break.

Maybe it’s Covid, maybe it’s lack of resources, maybe they really only care about selling licences in the short term. I don’t know but I find it concerning. Steinberg has a long, successful history and I’ve been with them since the beginning but they need to be careful and not become a Dinosaur.

Would be great to have a feature request up/down vote system like Ableton.

I pretty feel like ppl in this thread. Electronic musician here and feel like there is near nothing for me. Curves in MIDI and Sampler Track. Not worth of 100$

Spot on post…

Didn’t it take years for FL Studio to get audio track recording?

People have very unrealistic expectations here, both in terms of what can be coded “easily”, and how quickly. You have no idea if “moving tracks in mixer” will cause every single other feature on mixer to break or become buggy. it may require the entirety of mixer to be rewritten.

and people act like this is such a big important feature request??? JUST ORGANIZE YOUR TRACKS RIGHT AWAY. There’s a billion features and needs I could utilize before ‘moving tracks in mixer’.

What about multi-side chains?

cc copying?

global tracks in Key editor?


frequency 2 now dynamic with 8x side chains

Yes mostly a catch up release.

Slicing in sampler is new which you could do in Ableton for years and with Recycle and Reason in 90’s :slight_smile:
Global Tracks in key editor: Logic
Export Jobs : Reaper
Dynamic Eq: Almost everyone has FF Pro Q3 or Waves or something.
CC Ramp and Curves: Logic, Studio One

But this is not bad. Most can be said for other DAWs too.
Ableton just got comping and MPE after many years from other DAWs.
Studio One started as a simpler alternative Cubase and they gained popularity by workflow and slowly added their own thing.
Logic tries to become little Live etc.

For a DAW It is not easy to impress with new features or plugins any more. None of them comes up with a groundbreaking feature. Imo working on workflow features and making things easier, smarter is the way to go. If you ask people why they use FL or Live you hear it is simple and easy to get going instantly.
If I were Steinberg I would give it a break for 2-3 years and spend this time for bug fix and improvements of the past and come up with a much though out streamlined, version 12. Maybe a modular environment where you only set up according to your needs. I don’t know.
Things just keep being added every year on top just for the sake of a ‘‘release a version every year’’ policy and it is piling up without previous features improving much.

Overall fair post. But, those DAWs like you say still don’t have a lot of what Cubase has - and while we were getting those things, those other DAWS were getting other things.

That being said, your list is arguable.

Slicing in sampler is new which you could do in Ableton for years and with Recycle and Reason in 90’s > :slight_smile:

-Slicing in SamplerTrack is new, but existed at least since GrooveAgent SE4 which is free with Cubase.
-Hit point slicing has been available for some time
-Thanks to Steinberg for inventing by far the most open-sourced universal plugin format VST, it’s the gift that keeps giving. You could probably find a free slicer on KVR.

Global Tracks in key editor: Logic

I’m pretty sure this workflow as always been easily achieved via floating windows and Workspaces in Cubase, it’s just more integrated feature now.

Export Jobs : Reaper

I find Reaper to be a bit of a hodgepodge.

Dynamic Eq: Almost everyone has FF Pro Q3 or Waves or something.

-True statement, but imo, the less I have to install the better if I’m reformatting or building new system. Also less plugins = less plugin related crash/problems, blacklisting. Less updating of plugins to work with latest DAW version, VST version, OS version, etc, etc.
-Could potentially sell those plugins to offset Cubase upgrade cost.
-Long term, if you use internal plugins you won’t have to worry about future-backwards project compatibility

CC Ramp and Curves: Logic, Studio One

And even without, Cubase was still somehow the MIDI king. But it has been a long time coming.

Please help me with Cubase 11 sampler track. I can not transfer my samples to the new instrument > HALion as the option itself is not visible. The only visible options are groove agent and padshop