Steinbergs (pathetic) D/l server

I can’t believe how slow their server is in this day & age :imp:

I’ve been d/l the C4 ISO (3.2GB) and it’s going to take 9-15 more hrs at a pathetic 30-50KB/sec :open_mouth:

I live in the middle of nowhere, have a 5mb/sec connection, can d/l at that speed with no problem anywhere but at Steinberg.

Please cool down. Thousands of users (including me) get reasonable download speeds from Steinberg servers. Don’t jump into conclusions with your limited information.

There’s many reasons for slow download speeds:

  1. Temporary problem on Steinberg server
  2. Temporary overload of Steinberg server (hey, it’s time of the year when people have got Steinberg software licenses as a present and now they all are downloading something from Steinberg servers)
  3. Temporary hiccup on link between your Internet service provider and Steinberg’s one
  4. Permanent hiccup on link between your Internet service provider and Steinberg’s one (read: they can’t find mutual understanding on how to share costs and revenues of higher speed link)
    5++ … too many other reasons to list here. Internet is more complicated beast, than you might know.

Just relax, have a good night’s sleep and try again tomorrow.

I’m not hot ( It’s -22C and snowing here :laughing: ) and am not jumping to conclusions.

You win! Only -11C here and not snowing anymore … fortunately. :sunglasses:

Aloha guys,

Same scenario here; and I figure the longer the download, the more chance for corruption.

Because of where I live I was hoping for an Asian FTP mirror site thinking it might be closer.

I get 20mb down from my isp (roadrunner) so I increased
the speed to 30mb down just for the C8 app.

Even then it took more than 9 hours to complete.

I figured the prob was on their end and not mine because
the ‘Speedtest’ site still showed 30 down.

So I did what jarno suggested:

Just relax, have a good night’s sleep

and when I awoke it was there.

just to gloat a lil bit; it is 26c here. Xmas morning.


I was in Hawaii for our honeymoon in 1973, got a beautiful tan in 2 weeks, came home to -40C, had a shower and the tan peeled off like snakeskin :open_mouth:

Expensive (non)tan :mrgreen:

I was hoping things had changed on their server end, but in over 15yrs, apparently not :frowning:

Have a good holidays guys !

You are 100% right! It is unbelievable and very annoying!
As this guy reported earlier
it seems that some of the asknet servers don’t really serve. In that thread some guys reported very slow dl speed, others seem to have no problem. Looks to me that your location determines which server you are connected to.
However, I live in d Philippines and I suffered extreme slow dl speed. In 10 days I was NOT ABLE to download the update. I followed the suggestion posted earlier: I registered v8 on the eLicenser, then I went to d ‘downloads’ page of and downloaded the almost 10GB full version at full speed

Ah Alberta!

I remember it well.

‘Stage West’ in Edmonton and staying at the ‘Peter Pond’ in Fort McMurray

I get steady 1MB/s (10Mb/s) from Steinberg, which is more or less max my connection provides in real-life use. So it can’t be their problem. But it’s not yours either, as you said. This just proves my original point: it’s not that simple. Internet never is.

Hi Paul Bryce,

I agree with you. The Steinberg ISO Server is super-slow in this day & age of speed.

Had to download Halion 5 a few weeks ago, since I seem to have lost my boxed version, and it was a painfully slow download.

I wonder if they will improve their server speeds, and surely the issue is not from my end. Just wanted to add my voice to yours.

Cheers & Happy Holidays !


Well I finally got the ISO, after 2 tries, :imp: , because the first one was at 2.7GB and it suddenly said it was finished the d/l (after 10 hrs) and of course, it was no good, :imp: :imp:

Their server must have been communicating with Sparky, waking him up after xmas feasting, because the second d/l completed in less than 3hrs, must have given the server a speed pill :unamused:

Now to see if I can finally install C4 on Win7 Ultimate after yrs of being on XP

I still to this day have no idea why that bloody hamster was in the forum!

i’m on 50meg fibre, getting 3meg max from the uk.

appalling :confused: .

For some bizarre reason, that makes me smile & feel better. :wink:

Sorry, Paul, I’m going to make you feel bad again, I’m on fibre to the house and can download at up to, and well in excess of 3MB/s here in Adelaide :open_mouth: .

So it’s true when they say fibre is good for you eh ? :mrgreen:

Yep, especially for us old geezers :slight_smile:!