Steinbergs STRANGE policy considering Groove Agent 4 price?

So, today the one month trial of my Groove Agent 4 ended. I can still remember the sweet words of Steinberg on the small paper with the one-month trialcode. Just got it again. It literally reads: ‘‘You have the chance to purchase a permanent license at an attractive price when the trial period has expired or at any other time’’. I thought ok sweet! Hopefully I get some % off for already using Cubase and stuff like that :astonished: . Now, the ‘‘attractive price’’ was still the same as ever: 179 euros. What astonished me even more: All my local retailers sell this product for 139 euros. :open_mouth:
Am I the only one who is not getting this at all?

I think they just copy and pasted the stuff that’s written on the paper that has the Halion Sonic trial, which is indeed cheaper for Cubase users (50 USD off). It’s a common accident.

Or maybe they just consider the regular price to be an attractive price…
Most sales/marketing types would probably not advise a vendor to set an unattractive price for their product.
They would say, “set the price of your product so that it is an attractive buy for the consumer.”

I do agree that it would be less ambiguous if they just stated the actual terms quantitatively.