Steinburg's eLicence screws up Reaper


I’m new to Steinburg, got the Cubase LA AI8 with some audio hardware.

this e-Licence thing (which is seriously a pain in the ass) has now screwed up Reaper when it is loading, so I have to cancel about 20 nag windows of “No licence for this, no licence for that” before Reaper will load.

is there any way to prevent this craziness from happening, or should I just get rid of Steinburg and all it’s paranoid licence propaganda and revert to friendly old Reaper?

Computers were supposed to make life easier, right? :slight_smile: (what a joke)


Well, probably Reaper is most likely checking the Steinberg plugins, and you don’t have the license key for them plugged in.

Remove the plugins from the folder Reaper is looking for them in, or change the VST Plugin path in Reaper so Reaper doesn’t see them.

Yeah, it was thought that computers would make our lives easier back in 1971, but they’re still figuring out how to make that happen. :wink:

Hi Gary, Hi Steve,

This forum is about Cubasis LE, our iOS app that is bundled with several hardware devices:

I’ve moved the topic to the correct forum.


heh . :blush: I didn’t even notice that…