Stem data on Track disappear

I found this issue on 1.1.52.
Stem data on Track suddenly disappear.
It happens when I move mouse cursor on region of stem.
My operation was

  1. Open project and select song
  2. Move mouse cursor on region
  3. Region of stem disappear (or automatically change its length)

It also happens on 1.1.50…

To me it looks like your mouse got stuck. Mouse is provided by the Operating System; sometimes it happens that an app receives a mouse down, but misses mouse up (release). Then strange things happen until you click the mouse button again. This rarely happens with all kinds of applications, but is often related to another process or background task or the like.
This is just an assumption, because we cannot reproduce it, and it also has not been reported elsewhere yet.

I didn’t click the mouse button.
Just move a mouse cursor focus on Region.

Anyway, I’m gonna check my mouse setting and switch to use touchpad on my PC.

Thanks lot!

Hi @musicullum,

Sometimes they come back… :slight_smile:

It is a behavior similar to the one I observed in the first released versions of the software and which then seems to have never occurred again.

What I noticed then was that the audio track didn’t actually disappear, but its length was set to zero, thus making it invisible.

The same thing happened to me too. Sometimes. Randomly. I just hovered over it and the audio content disappeared.

That was a good hint, thanks. We will check, and at least prevent that from happening altogether.

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This matter still happens on 1.1.55.
How’s going?