stem lenght dorico elements

Hello Dorico users,
I am using the 60 day trial of dorico elements and I am trying to write a guitar piece with three voices on one stave .
The stems are too long and interfere with other voices.
Is there a way to make the stems shorter/longer ?
I use Sibelius 8.3 and musescore 3 and there it is easy to click and drag the stems up and down .


This might not be possible in Elements. Adjusting the stem length is an option in Engrave Mode in Pro, but you don’t have that in Elements.

But without a picture of the problem (or better, the project file itself) it’s hard to know exactly what your problem is. There may be a different way to solve it.

Thanks Rob
It is my second try at dorico ( first was with the first version ,3 years ago)
I write and arrange mostly for classical guitar and sometimes you have3 voices at once .
In Sibelius and musescore this is always awkward with a lot of editing .

I did two experiments - see attachments.
Three voices the middel voice stems collide with the bas voice, which I can overcome by flipping the middle voice

Second is a start witn the Chaconne ( Bach) as an arrangement for guitar solo

In the second and following bars bar I would like to have longer stems in theupper voice
In bar 11 I want them shorter

I wanted to add the dorico files but I get an error message : invalid file extension

Dear wc2wc,
You can attach dorico files here, if you zip them or add .zip to their names (and as long as they’re not too big).
There’s nothing difficult or long to do in Dorico Pro… because you’ll need Engrave mode to change the stem lengths.

Yes thanks Marc,

I will try the Pro version ,