Stem Length/Beam Question

Looking for guidance here. I often encounter beam situations like this where Dorico, to avoid “colliding” with the staff, makes the stems unnecessarily long.

I’ve tried just about everything in Engraving Options and it seems like the only thing which makes the stems a more typical length would be to set the beam angle steeper, which is not something I want. Any ideas?

This is what I get.



Hmm. Then it’s something that I changed from the factory Engraving Options that I cannot find again. I’ll have to keep searching.


It ended up being this option, which I have no recollection of changing. It seems even though it was set shorter, because it wouldn’t straddle a staff line at the right place, it simply rounded up to a longer stem.

Ah, tried to find some option myself that got your result, but couldn’t find it.


Forgot that stem settings are under notes

I find slightly higher values for the Staff positions at which shortening occurs can improve things.

However, the Stem settings and Beam settings are a mesh of interwoven-ness. See discussions passim. about Beams, etc.