Stem Splitting Quality

Here’s the best video I’ve seen that compares the sound quality of voice splitting.

Stem Splitters: Are you using the right one? I wasn’t!

AI-Lyd, quite similar to AudioShake sounds so much better than the other algorithms. Why?

When do you think, especially you Robin, that SpectraLayers will achieve the same sound quality?

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All I can say is that the upcoming SL11 is already on par with this :slight_smile:


Wow - that are fantastic news…
Released in late June?

Can’t reveal the release date, but one can do approximate guesses based on release history :slight_smile:


The Eyelid (ai-lyd) results were nice…it’s interesting that the outfit does whatever they do manually…but I’m simply not going to send copyrighted project material out.

ai-lyd is already pretty loose with the material they demo on their site from rights-holders.

For my work, I pretty much have to insure everything is done in-house where there’s control.