Stem splitting?

Just saw that Logic got a syem splitter. Anyone know if this could appear in Cubase in the future?

Is possible using Spectralayers.
With the free version, if I’m not mistaken you can split only vocal from instrumental. :slight_smile:

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What @dream said. That is all in Cubase for now. There are many many options to perform such tasks. My favorites are Serato Sample, Acon Remix and Rip X.


Serato Sample 2.0 is phenomenal for splitting audio into stems that can be played like samples but it doesn’t actually give you the individual audio stems to further edit inside your daw but it’s algorithm is excellent and the plugin itself is very useful if you make beats.

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Serato Sample only splits stems in the Sampler. It’s not the same.

Acon Remix is RX Music Rebalance without the Split Stems function. It’s not the same.

Rip X is probably the same. I have heard of it, but I haven’t used it.

SpectraLayers Pro does have Stem Splitting, but I find the quality is not that good. There are way too many artifacts in the audio, and when you compare it to e.g. Logic Pro’s Stem Splitter, the difference is night and day in terms of both the speed at which this is accomplished as well as the quality of the stems.

Hopefully v11 improves that.

But I don’t see much use for this - personally - outside of a sampling context where I want to remove the vocals from a sample to chop it and use it in a beatmaking scenario.

For this, Serato’s Stem Splitting is fine since I can just… use Serato Sample for sampling.

I do think this would be useful in the Sampler Track for the same reason, and probably in HALion as well… but they would probably refuse to add this until they can chage for a HALion 8 upgrade.

The best workflow in Cubase is SpectraLayers Unmix, because you can just drag the Stems (Layers in SpectraLayers) into the Cubase Arranger. The issue is the aforementioned quality of the stem splitting is not great.

Currently, I would honestly go to my Mac to split stems in Logic Pro and shuttle the audio files to my PC if I needed this done. The higher quality of its stem splitter makes it worth it a more “convenient” SpectraLayers workflow.

I must admit, I am growing tired of the endless upgrades for fractional improvements in existing functions.