Stem to Stem voices

Is there a setting that widens the distance between voices when Interlocking Pitches are set to stem to stem?

The ‘Gap between adjacent noteheads in different voices’ value in the Voices section of the Notes page of Engraving Options is the one that applies in this situation.

Thanks Daniel.

The problem then is there’s too much space between voices where the stems aren’t overlapping. I think the default setting of 1/8 is perfect for that, but it needs to be around 5/8 (arguably even 3/4) when the stems do overlap.

What do you think?

I think you should avoid stem-to-stem placement whenever possible :slight_smile:

At the moment there’s no way of specifying these situations independently. It’s not impossible that we could add this in the future, but it’s not likely to be something we add imminently.

Thanks again. I’ve just worked out how to move them in Engrave mode so I’ve got a workaround.