Stems Serato v3.0

Did anyone check out the Serato DJ v3 update with stems?? to my ears it sounds way better than Spectralayers and it is real-time just to rub it in. wow I am just very impressed by the software. Would be awesome to get a VST version with just that stems part or integrate into Serato Sample :slight_smile:

On the website, unfortunately, you’ll only find marketing drivel:

Powered by our unique machine-learning algorithm, Serato Stems delivers best-in-class sound quality and performance (…)

Do you know what algorithm this software uses? Or how this algorithm compares to the one from Hit’n’Mix’s RipX program?

Maybe ask in the SpectraLayers section of the forum? It’s not against the forum rules to discuss/compare products from other manufacturers as long as it’s relevant. Hot debate going on over there at the moment!