Step by step guide to installing Cubase?

Has anyone ever taken the time and created a step-by-step guide for installing Cubase? Not only did I suffer from the confusing install process, there are so many threads regarding this issue I just thought that a beginner’s install guide that walks you through the steps needed to ensure a successful install would have been a “sticky” a long time ago. I know that some of you will respond that this information is on the Steinberg site, but it seems to be in bits and pieces and not as user friendly to a new user as it might seem to someone who has been using the product for some time.

I’m talking about the basics that are required to get a noobie up and running. Then once those items have been ticked off the list they start asking questions. I know there’s always going to be problems with various setups, I’m talking about the basics of getting it installed on your computer, not going into the Studio Setup and stuff like that.

First of all there would be…

  1. Own current or recent version of Cubase.
  2. Have eLicenser in hand.
  3. Explain the differences between the aksnet accounts and the Steinberg accounts.

…then go through the process of which software item to install before you install the other to ensure everything plays well together. Things like to install the eLicenser first or Cubase first? I’m talking about a short walk-through that just might work for those struggling with their install. Maybe a brief user-friendly explanation of the most frequent error codes one might expect during an install?