Step-entry keyboard split option

Now that Dorico has real-time entry with piano staff keyboard split, may I suggest adding the option for keyboard split in step-entry as well? This is a feature of Cubase score editor and other DAW’s that make it easy to hash out an idea and quickly see the results as a rough piano score. I find stepping easier than real-time stopping and starting, and by using midi-keys to control key commands, with a split a user could enter both melody and harmony simultaneously as a musical idea unfolds, rather than, in the traditional step entry fashion, trying to back-track, hunt for the commands and end up losing the thought. This method obviously has drawbacks (ie note durations), but those can be overlooked in the “initial rough draft” and fixed later. Musical purists wouldn’t use it, and few (if any?) notation editors have it, but I’d bet there’s an untapped audience who would appreciate your pushing the envelope and offering it.

  • Walt

To be sure I’m understanding your request, Walt, you want to input into both staves of the piano at the same time in step-time input, and have the program automatically split the notes between the staves, based on a split point?

We are certainly thinking about how to allow note input onto multiple staves at once in future because this will be an important workflow for working with condensed scores (e.g. you want to input two flute parts by playing dyads on your MIDI keyboard, and you intend them to appear on a single staff, but in Dorico’s view of the world those two flutes are really on separate staves, even if they’re displayed on a single staff, so for efficiency you have to be able to input onto both staves at once), and hopefully we’ll be able to handle inputting onto the two staves of a piano or other keyboard instrument as well.

Yes, fantastic! Please keep that one high on the list.

  • Walt

Has this been implemented yet? I’m trying to do step-entry on a piano arrangement where the left hand is up above middle C and my note input is all ending up in the right-hand/treble clef. I have the Midi split note set to 70 but I guess that only works for Midi import?

It has not been implemented yet.

Has this implemented inow? 6/2021?

No, I’m afraid not. Dorico does now have features for inputting music on multiple staves at the same time, but not for automatically distributing notes between the two staves of the piano during step-time.

Thanks for the info Daniel.
Then i suppose the feature is not there also when you add intervals (shift+I) correct?

I understand that you can extend the caret on both staves and notes will be added to both when using a keyboard (is this one you referring to?), is there any way to set a split point with this method?
Either by note (e.g. above or below middle C) or via a preset where a number of notes e.g 3 goes into the treble clef and 2 bass clef?


No, there’s no way to set a split point for step-time input at present.