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Among the many exasperating characteristics in Cubasis 3, (I have been a Cubase Pro user for several years and am comfortable with it but seeking portability in Cubasis 3) the two principle frustrations I suffer most are:

  2. NO ”SAVE” or “SAVE AS” or “QUIT” Command

I figured out the file folder management after much puzzle work on my iPad Pro., but without these two features I am close to abandoning Cubasis 3 as a superfluous toy.

Hi William,
Welcome to the Cubasis family :upside_down_face:
The step input is simple if you have a Apple Pencil or equivalent, just double tap on a midi track that is located between the left & right bar markers, tap the pencil tool, select your note values located in the BARS icon (top right), you know the rest. Cubase was more convenient for step time input by just left clicking whilst hold down Alt, save changing from Select/Pencil, but step time entry in Cubasis 3 using a iPencil is very quick, using a finger tip is very awkward in comparison, it’s a bit like using the heel of your foot :rofl:

There is no need for a save or save as, Cubasis automatically saves your project even in the event of a possible crash.
To save your project as a “save as” open Media/Projects and tap on project you are currently on (it will be highlighted in a light blue) but when you tap it it will turn a more bolder blue, simply tap DUPLICATE and rename if required, otherwise it will display (1) after the main title. Tick the “Open New Version” box, this will allow you to continue on the new saved version.
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the save-as procedure.

I still have a great need, as composer and songwriter, for a Step-Input feature. Inputting live midi from a keyboard is VERY sloppy because my hands are not adept enough to play at speed. Will Steinberg be implementing a selection menu of note sizes (i.e. tap an icon and select by tapping a note or a rest option + number: 1=Whole, 2=Half, 4=Quarter, 8=Eighth, 6=Sixteenth, 3=ThirtySecond, etc. Then tap the onscreen piano keyboard)?

Annotation is the foundation of composing and step-note entry is the cleanest technique for accuracy for any composer with shaky hands.

I hope you can make this available soon.

Thank you.


I am a user like yourself but I can tell you what you are asking is not possible in Cubasis, pity because that would make life so much easier :melting_face: we can dream.
If you tap the Help tab (top right) tap SETUP/EDITORS/KEY EDITOR, here you will find all the information concerning entering midi notes using the piano roll, pencil tool plus loads of other information.
The easiest way to enter notes of different values is to select 1/8th notes and drag them to your required length as you enter each note, this is my way of step time entry and it’s quite quick really, but that’s just me.
Hope you manage to find a way that suits you. There are also plenty of YouTube videos demonstrating Cubasis, especially on the Cubasis launch screen.

Aha. The STYLUS, yes. I will make that investment next payday.

I’ll be on a Rhine river cruise in April and hope to create some music en route.

Thank you.


Two more quick questions;

Can it do triplets?

Can I re-install my android version which got deleted from my phone?


Hi William,
first of all, that cruise you are going on sounds absolutely lovely, I hope you have a great holiday with good weather and have fun with Cubasis at the same time :sunglasses:

You should be able to reinstall Cubasis on your phone as many times as you like.

My iPad photo shows the selection of notes available circled in red., but because you are on Android, I am not sure if your version of Cubasis is the same?
I purchased a iPencil off Amazon, it cost £27 compared to around £90 for Apple iPencil, It has been perfect for the last 3 years and battery life is excellent, there are plenty to choose from too :+1:

That’s all good news.
Thank you again.


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I just had a thought, if you are not on iOS with iPad, a iPencil won’t work for you, so a different stylus may be required and I know nothing about Android devices, sorry.

As reference… pretty much the same.

Ah, that’s good to know, thanks CJ :beers:

Quite alright.

I’ve made some progress today already, on the Android phone with just finger tapping.

I have a rubber-tip pen which works on both screens but is not much more accurate than a finger.

I will get a stylus for the iPad later, for more precision.


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I dared to take up the trial version of Cubase Pro 13. It worked well enough for me to pay the $69 sale price for the full version download. Got it activated and entered the authorization code and neither 13, nor 12 will operate…message says no license detected.

What do I do?


W.A. Lampley

Hi William,
Personally, I can’t help in this situation, but perhaps Lars Slowak (Cubasis Project Manager) can offer some advice when he reads through these threads.

Hi @William_A_Lampley_Jr

I dared to take up the trial version of Cubase Pro 13. It worked well enough for me to pay the $69 sale price for the full version download. Got it activated and entered the authorization code and neither 13, nor 12 will operate…message says no license detected.

To have your Cubase licensing issue resolved, I suggest getting in touch with our support department:

Hope that helps!


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