step input following your rythm ?

On Dorico you can play the rhythm of your melody on any notes then going back to the start, hitting return L, and entering the pitches.

Watch :

I know a little bit the Cubase step input function but I can’t manage to exactly do that.

You can do something like that :
But that’s not as easy as Alan Silvestri describes, I mean, record rythm -> press L -> entering the pitches.

Is there something equivalent in Cubase or Nuendo ?

Ok that way of input note begin to answer to my need :

It is ok but not exactly what I had in my mind.

In a future evolution it would be great to be able to play non pitched chords.

For instance considering a musical line with a crescendo : first input the rhythm on the midi keyboard pressing CD CD CDE CDEF CDEFG… then input the right notes chords pitches but step by step, again on the midi keyboard CD CE ACF GCEG FACFA…

Once the rhythm has been input, activate MIDI Input, and enter the pitches.

It simply assigns the pitch to each note, one after the other, be they chords or a single note melodic line.