Step input for tabs in score editor

Hi there
I’m using a midi guitar to record real time tabs in the score editor
In order to have the correct fret and string assignements, my midi guitar sends data on 6 individual midi channels, and in the tab options, the option “use midi channels 1 to 6” is checked
This is working fine

But, for tricky parts, I would like to record midi notes with step input
The problem is that step input is “channelizing” all the notes on the same midi channel (???) and the resulting tab doesn’t reflect anymore the strings and frets settings

To achieve my goal, I’m recording step input instead in the key editor, which respects the 6 midi channels notes assignments. Next, I open the midi part in the score editor, and the original the strings and frets assignments are correct.
But this indirect method of editors switching is a bit boring.

If anyone has an idea about getting rid of the channelizing process of the step input in the score editor (some setting in the logical editor of the score? in preferences? other …), I would appreciate greatly to share it !


Jacques from France


Do I understand you right, the Step Input behaved different in the Key Editor and the Score Editor (in the MIDI Channel way)?

Hi Martin

Yes !
With the same 6 midi channels midi guitar input, the key editor keeps the 6 individual midi channels for each string, but the score editor merges it all in one channel

It is easy to check the midi channels assignments in the list editor :
with the same chord played :

  1. with a step recording in key editor, the list editor reveals individual channels by string
  2. with a step recording in the score editor, the list editor reveals all the notes are in channel 16



I will check that and report back to you.

Thanks so much !