Step sequencer plugin

Hi !

Is it possible to use a step sequencer plugin and route its generated MIDI output to another instrument in VST Live ?
So could I start/trigger and transpose the sequencer steps from my MIDI gear ?
Thanks for an information.

Let me say :
I’m using VST Live now since more than one year and starting with it in 2023 was hard hard due to bugs and missing documentation.
But meanwhile I like it and would not want to miss it on stage.
A (from a today point of view) good work. Thank you.

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… we are working on that topic and it’s close to be finished.

… and we thank you, @gerhard.kiessling.

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is that (usage of a step sequencer plugin) included now in Version 2 ?
I tried to find that in the “MIDI Plugin” section, but could not find how to do it …

… it will coming in the next weeks. Sorry, it did not make it to prime-time.


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