Step Sequencer

So Logic just released the update of 10.5 which features a decent looking step sequencer, hope you guys release one too, ideally to work with Groove Agent!

+1000 Let’s pray

-FL Studio haves step sequencer as step sequencer pioneer. (great one and super flexible since you can do automations inside the patterns and much more in Step Seq).
-Logic X have now Step sequencer (a bit limited as I can see).
-Bitwing and Ableton replaced this with clips. (Which are most flexible that Step sequencer, and it is so confortable to start something without a prior arrangement).

Definitely Cubase must something like Clips, since we have already 2 different tools as “step sequencer”.

tool 1:

tool 2:

Yes, it would be nice.

And there is one in Studio One that is great too…

I would like to see the fl studio type integration. How do I make a suggestion …other than commenting here?