Step time bug in Cubase 13 & feature request

First the bug: I do a lot of work in step input mode. In previous versions whenever I toggled this mode on or off, the input cursor stayed wherever I last toggled it. Now in version 13 it doesn’t do that.

For example, I used t input a series of notes, then toggle off input mode so I could noodle on my keyboard to figure out the next few notes, toggle it back on and continue from exactly where I was. In Cubase 13 that doesn’t happen and the cursor seems to be in random places. I’d love for it to keep the cursor wherever it was last toggled off as it used to be.

As for the feature request, I’d love to have a key command to insert a rest. I can set the duration of the notes I want to step input and then play the notes to input them, but if I want to add a rest I have to grab the mouse and move the cursor to later in the timeline. It would be a HUGE time saver to have a key command to simply enter a rest at the defined note duration (for example hitting space bar or “r” for rest or whatever instead of playing a note). This existed in Master Track Pro when I used it 30+ years ago on an Atari ST, it exists in Logic, but doesn’t appear to exist in Cubase.

Thank you.

Yes, but even better (for me anyway), I’d like to insert a rest with the sustain pedal. When no notes are down, pressing and releasing sustain would advance the pointer by the current step length. If one or more notes are down, doing that would increase the length of the current note(s) by one step length. You are already away from the computer keyboard, so staying at the MIDI controller for this purpose would be quite a bit more efficient.

Also, has SB ever fixed the step entry bug where doing an undo operation erases the note(s) but doesn’t undo the pointer position? I find this beyond frustrating.