Stephen Anderson

Hi All,
Another song I wrote and played for a child through the Songs Of Love Organization. This is my rock side … well, one of them. :slight_smile: Recorded in CB Studio 5.


excellent job on the song…it’s also a wonderful thing that you’re doing for the kids.


Thank you Frank! Yes, it’s a chance to give something back. Medicine of music does wonders!

Link doesn’t work for me…just get the login page of soundcloud…Kevin

Hi Kevin,
Working fine here. Just now checked it out. Maybe a glitch on soundcloud’s side?

weird…just tried again and still getting souncloud login page…I’ll have a go tomorrow…Kevin

As I’ve posted on others threads, the links for some reason bug for some people by adding # character to the link. I’ve tried to replicate it myself using 4 different web browsers but I can’t reproduce the bug. - Wrong - Right

Not so keen on the intro and repeats of it, just personal taste. I liked the general kind of futurisitc racing or air combat kinda game sound during the verses, such as Thunderforce for the Sega Megadrive. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what I mean and what it reminds me of but I like that anyway. One part I really liked a lot was the guitar part at 3:05-3:12. I’d like to have heard more like that ;D And lastly I also think it’s really great and admirable that you’re doing it and helping people. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Great track…really enjoyed it, good singing too !..respect to you for your unselfish work…Kevin

@ Kevin … Thanks for your sentiment! :slight_smile:

@ Jonathan5456 … I understand your thoughts on the repeats of the intro. The content of the song is based upon a profile of the child which includes the his personal music tastes and song modeling. This one called for the structure that I used in this song.

I’ll have to pay more attention to the # character in the url. Both links you posted responded the same for me but those who may be bug prone might notice the difference. Thanks for that input!

It’s funny how you made the comparison with air combat and game innuendos. I later used this instrumental backing track for a flight sequence demonstration that I performed with a radio controlled jet. I’ll leave you with that video. (warning, longer intro) :slight_smile:

Hehe yeah. Must be memories of that kind of rock music with those kinds of games :stuck_out_tongue: