Steps for grace period upgrade to Dorico 4

I am waiting to receive my activation code for Dorico Pro (Grace period upgrade) having purchased 3.5 on Aug 30, 2020.

Once I receive it can someone let me know the exact steps to perform the upgrade.

I have looked on the forum but I am a little confused.

Thank you.

Hi Andrew,
Did you purchase your Dorico product in the Steinberg Online Shop? If you bought via a dealer please let me know.

Once yo have received the Download Activation Code (DAC) from us next week simply download the Steinberg Download Manager (SDA) from Get Your Steinberg Product | Steinberg. In the SDA you need to log in using your Steinberg ID and then are able to redeem the DAC and to download Dorico 4.


Andrew, do you mean August 2020 or August 2021? The grace period for Dorico 4 started on 25 August 2021 – see this page for example.

If you first activated Dorico Pro 3.5 or Dorico Elements 3.5 (or indeed an earlier version) on or after 25 August 2021, you are eligible for a free grace period update to the corresponding version 4 product.


Sorry - I meant August 2021 (last August)


Thank you - I bought it from the Steinberg Online Shop.

Our partners at AskNet will send you the Download Access Code by email at some point in the next few days. Then, as Jonas says, it will hopefully be as simple as entering it into Steinberg Download Assistant and following your nose. One additional bit of advice from me: when you come to actually install Dorico Pro 4 via SDA, just choose the Dorico Pro 4 Update product that is listed, and click the Install All button at the top right corner of SDA. Then SDA will take care of installing everything that should be installed, and you won’t find yourself with the wrong thing installed or having failed to install something necessary.

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Thanks to all for your help. I will look forward to receiving the Access Code.

Hello, until now I had not recive any mail from Asknet. I had licend Dorico 4 pro an the 6th September 2021.
My question. Get anyone else a mail from Arknet.
And secound, @ dspreadbury, give’s it a rason, why Asknet need so long, for sending a mail?

Didn’t think it would be this much if a hassle. Assumed Steinberg would have just upgraded these licenses at release.

Another one waiting here. Although, I was told 5-7 working days before AskNet starts sending the emails out. So, looks like another couple of days still.
Poor form from AskNet, in my opinion.

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I have never seen any public announcement about the Summer Sale/AskNet problem. You only find out about that issue if you come here and ask.

I opened a support ticket 5 days ago - before anybody ever explained here about waiting for AskNet. I finally got a response and Yamaha support is asking for my D3.5 invoice so they can get me the “right code.” Do I ignore that and wait for AskNet? Do I send Yamaha my invoice? What do I do? Steinberg really needs to get their story straight.

I’m sorry that those of you who bought in the End of Summer Sale are still waiting for your grace period updates. I’m waiting to hear back from my colleague about when these emails will be going out from AskNet and will provide an update as soon as I can.

Same here - I purchased during the Summer Sale, Aug 26, but no AskNet email yet! :laughing:

many thanks, with your new description it was now possible to install Dorico 4. So I can play and test it over the weekend.

Thanks a lot again for you fantasic support.

See here:

Hi, I was wondering if this also applies to purchases of Dorico 3.5 during cyberweek of 2021. It also had the same upgrade policy of buy 3.5, get the upgrade to 4. Should I expect it will happen within the same batch of emails or is it a different system of distribution for that sale?

Welcome to the forum, @Nesador. If you purchased and activated any time after 25 August 2021 you are eligible for a free grace period update. In your case, I would hope you’d find that allowing eLicenser Control Center to perform its default maintenance task would prompt you to go online to redeem your update; if this doesn’t happen, please send me a direct message including a screenshot of eLCC showing your Dorico 3.5 license, and I’ll be pleased to help.

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Hi Lillie,
We registered Dorico (10 Seats) for our school in Sept and I keep checking with our network manager but haven’t received any codes yet. Have they been released for schools?

Hi Andrew

Unfortunately, the multi-seat v4 licenses aren’t yet available as we’re still working on the management system for those licenses so that your school account can have all the options for registering multiple seats and allocating to machines or optionally allocating to students. We’ll be in touch when we have more information, but feel free to email me on j.barron at steinberg .net if you have any further questions about it.