Stereo Balanced Panner where?

Hallo maybe I’m stupid, but where is the Stereo Balanced Panner option on C7? I can’t find it…


it’ s no longer there, except for remote control devices…

What? I’ve always use for some kind of out of phase effects, and stereo guitars mix, was my masterpiece, I can’t no longer reopen my old project and remix if on C7 also… WTF… was so hard and impossible to integrate on C7? :confused: Was a killer option respect protools… there is some plugs could I use for that? thanks for suggesting…


You can have the same functionality as the ‘Stereo Balanced Panner’ by using the ‘Stereo Combined Panner’ Click on the tiny triangle on the right of the Pan controller in mix console.

Different name and look.
More details in the manual pg187.


Sorry, it’s the stereo dual panner that is missing. The stereo balance panner should still be there. the functionality of the steero dual panner can be achieved with the stereo combined panner. Just more tedoius than before, like so much in C7…

there are some mistakes and misunderstood…

Sorry by my side… I need Stereo Dual Panner Option… i’ve a lot of mix with this option enabled, then when i reopen my songs in C7 these are mess now…the stereo balanced panner can’t reverse the channels from left to right and viceversa, like dual panner… why remove this option? :confused:

you can reverse the position. Do it in the inspector first. It’s easier to see how there. But it works on the mixer too

Can you explain how, without using menu reverse phase? Because I want continue decide how much phase reverse use or not…I’ve a lot of projects with this feature enabled and I would like to continue to use, I can’t reverse the phase with Balanced Panner or Combined Panner…

You can’ t reverse phase with any panner mode. This was also not possible with any previous version.


The phase button used to be available on the mixer but for some bizarre reason it was moved in C7. You can find it by opening the channel editor from the mix console, it’s in the EQ section.
If you want to reverse the panning then have a squiz at the manual on pg 187, it works slightly differently to the old Dual Panner but has the same functionality.



The phase button has not been moved, you can still find it in the mixer - in the " pre" rack.

ah indeed sorry, not moved from the always visible mixer strip pre C7 to the ‘have to have it open’ to see it pre rack. My mistake :slight_smile:

I’ll have to see which one involves less mouse clicks, opening the pre rack, or opening the channel editor.

Thanks for the correction.


Also, I used the wrong term. What I meant was the Left and Right locator can be reversed. Just grad one edge or the other and pull past the alternate side. Of course the field already needs to be narrowed so that their is a gap on the side you are moving towards.

Navigating the Preference panels i’ve discovered the Dual Panner is now available but only for Remote Controllers? Why??? What append in Steinberg… Hallo Guys!!! Someone there? Who is the new project manager please let me know ahhahahahah

I really think Cubase 7 Project Manager don’t know about Music or Music Software… sorry :confused:

Do you people even read the answers you get?