Stereo combined panner on group tracks

Whats the reason that the stereo combined panner disappeared on the individual tracks if those tracks are connected to a group track ?

Most likely you have routed it to a Mono Group Track - can’t pan into mono.

The individual stereo tracks are routed to a stereo group track.
On the stereo group track I can us the stereo-combined panner.
On the individual stereo tracks I can only use the normal panner.
The stereo-combined panner is not available at the individual tracks within a group track.
Very disappointing and I did not expect is from a pro-version of cubase.

Can you post some screen shots that show exactly what is happening.

I’ve used both Panner types all over the place for years and have never run into any restrictions.

The ones on the left are stereo audio Tracks and on the right Stereo Group Tracks (outside of stereo > mono).

The individual tracks are mono tracks, so they get a standard panner.
The double “VU colom” has confused me, because I expected a single colom…
Thanks for getting me on the right track :slight_smile:

Yeah, on a mono Track both Panner types would produce the same result so no need for one of 'em.

Using Cubase 11 PRO with MAC. I’m having the same issue. I am routing a stereo track (with a mono signal) to a Stereo Group. When the stereo track is routed to the Stereo Out - panning works fine. When I route to a Stereo Group, I still see the panner, but the mono track remains panned Center, no matter the position of the panner.

Can you post some screenshots of the Tracks involved.

Thanks raino, I fell into the GRP mono setup ‘trap’. I beleive the Group channel command defaults to Mono. I swear that I saw a panner in the Group, yet when I looked on the track (or channel) mono/stereo icon, I saw the o (mono icon). I deleted the Group track, re-created with STEREO selected as in and out…and now channels are panning as expected.

I think it defaults to last used.

Many folks here always use Stereo Tracks/Channels even for mono material to avoid ever having to deal with these kinds of issues. If you record a Mono signal onto a Stereo Track, it does not double the size of the Audio File, contrary to common belief.

I tend to use all Stereo Tracks and my default Panner is Stereo Combined Panner. But for Tracks that have a Mono Source I’ll use the Stereo Balanced Panner - mostly as a visual reminder that the audio is Mono. For a Mono signal the 2 Panner types are functionally the same.