Stereo Combined Panner

Hi, Michael,
I would like to request a “Stereo Combined Panner” which is in both Cubase and Nuendo software. Narrowing down the stereo image of Kontakt instruments (e.g. Grandeur piano) would be extremely important in orchestral sounding. It is possible?

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… yes, good one. We’ll add it to the Feature list.

See you,

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Hi! When can I expect the repair? Thanks

… what do you mean with “repair”. You request is on our feature list. We need to find time to get implemented. So we do not have any time schedules for it at the moment.


I used the wrong word. of course, this is not a bug, but a new development. But this is a very important development. I asked not out of impatience, but out of curiosity. In the summer we will give live concerts (drums, bass guitar, guitar, vocals). In addition, keyboard instruments (mainly piano). The keyboard instruments will be played using VST live. Stereo samples don’t sound nice in mono, so it would be nice to use a narrower stereo sound image. Of course, I appreciate your work and all your developments, and I’m patiently waiting for this to happen.