Stereo Delay Channel Solo


When I am creating an FX channel like a reverb and then send a signal from another channel to that FX channel, the FX channel usually solos when I solo the channel from which I have send the FX. I just used the stereo delay that comes with Nuendo. This FX channel for some reason does not seem to follow the soloing of the channel from which i am sending a signal to the delay. I have to solo it manually. Does anyone know why that is?



If it just started happening I would check preferences. If it’s just the one channel then maybe the project got corrupted or something. Perhaps just redo the routing.

And it’s not a new version of Nuendo and an old template or project file, right?

It is Nuendo 7.1.2 and a current project I am working on. In that same project, I routed a few stereo tracks to a surround group channel. I then automated the panning of the group channel. After that automation, when I soloed it, it did not put out any audio anymore. It showed audio going out, but I could not hear it. Without the solo, the audio was there again.

Also, the LFE knob on the MultiPanner does not seem to do anything.

So can the routing of a whole project get corrupted? If so, what is the best way to check that and what could be done about it? If I am not soloing anything, everything seems to sound fine. I just had to set up sends for the LFE.

I would just try to start a new project and reproduce the error. Go step by step and see if it’s something problematic with Nuendo 7.1.2 or if it’s local to your project. If it’s local to your project then I’m not really sure what to do to solve it. Maybe set up second FX channel with the same plugin and copy over automation, or even duplicate it. Sounds like it should fix anything, but sometimes it does in Pro Tools when stuff hits the fan.

Did you dialed in the routing of the stereo plugin (into a surround group) correctly?
By default, the routing will be L & R only.
So if you are sending a Center channel signel, indeed nothing will happen.


No, the delay was not on a surround track. The surround group channel was a separate issue. The delay works fine. It just does not solo when I solo the source track for the send signal. I have tried this now in a fresh project and there it works. So I don’t know why it does not work in this project. But as I was saying, there are some more routing issues in this project that I working on, like the surround group channel and the LFE. I will try to do some more testing to see if I can replicate the mistake in a new project if I find some time.