Stereo Delay FX Bus issue

Hi all,

I’m running Cubase 8 on OSX Yosemite with the latest build.

Normally I’m using VST Instruments in my recordings and an occasional audio track but this time I’m starting to mess with my guitar a little bit more with an fx bus. I’ve started from scratch with a fresh project and added a mono audio input for my guitar and an FX bus that is Stereo Delay. I think I’ve routed the audio through the bus but something isn’t right with the delay. Playing and listening to my audio there seems to be an additional stereo route somewhere that is causing an UNadjustable 1/1 stereo effect. I can’t figure out what is causing it and can’t seem to remove it. Even if I adjust the FX plugin to make say 1/4 left - 1/8 right stereo delay sync’d it (and even disable it) it still always seems to have a 1/1 delay on it that I can’t adjust. It DOES fade out so I don’t think it’s a loop back otherwise it would be continuous feedback.

Anyone help an less experienced audio FX bus guy? LOL :slight_smile:




It’s hard to guess. Could you attach a screenshot of the MixConsole with the Routing, Sends and Direct Routing panels open?

I found the issue. I was about to give you a screenshot and saw what the problem was. That always happens! Thanks for replying. The minute I ask someone for help I figure it out. LOL Sorry. A little hyper focus problem.

Anyway, oddly enough I created a Mono input channel that was hidden and not mapped to anything but the effects were still active. My input routing on my Audio channel is my FX bus but I also have the Audio channel with it’s own bus. Make sense now the 1/1 delay was coming from the hidden input. Weird that I can take the input from the Audio channel and assign it to a bus. Seems counter-intuitive for an input, no?

Why should be this routing forbidden? It would make sense for some scenarios.

Don’t know. I haven’t thought of a case. LOL. I’m guessing using that as an input means it’s chained at the front? Not being an expert that wouldn’t be the first place I’d put an FX. I would expect everything to route through the effect not the effect as an input. Again I’m probably missing a logical case. :slight_smile:

Some Sound emgineers are doing the very first “raw-mix” during the recording already. So they are recording the dry signal, to be able to mix it from scratch later on; but at the same time, the are using FXs to do the raw-mix. Therefore, they need these possibilities.

At the other hands, there are other Sound engineers, whose are recording the wet signal (with applied FXs) already.

And there are Sound engineers, whose are recording dry signal only, and process it later on.

All of these options make sense, and they are valid.