Stereo Delay question

I used to use the stereo delay in Pro Tools on a mono channel with one channel no delay and the the other channel with about 25ms. delay to give a slight stereo spread.I tried to use the stereo delay included with Nuendo but couldn’t get it to work that way. Has anyone used the stereo delay this way or can recommend another plugin that I can use like this? Or am I not making any sense? :laughing:

There are other ways of doing this but to do it like PT take the mono file and put it on a stereo track. Then select the Steinberg–>Surround–>Mixer Delay Plug-in and adjust the delay of the left or right track.

Alternatively, why use the mixer delay plug?
Would it not work just as well with the mono audio track routed to a stereo FX track, with a mono delay sat on one side of the FX track in the plugin routing editor?
Set the send to Pre Fade, and to 0dBFS, then pull the audio track fader down.

Job done.

Thanks I’ll try both. A simple plugin would be a lot easier though. :wink:

That’s easier than my suggestion Neil?

What I have found works great for custom tailored delays is NO FX, just copy the track and offset the timing and volume of the second track(s) to get great FX - just as you want.

Hey Steve - Can you also look into something for me, as I tried using track delays like this for a sort of haas effect on an acoustic track (panned original hard left, duplicated it and panned copy hard right with a lower level fader than the original).
The actual sound with the mono delay set to 20ms was different to offsetting the track by 20ms. Why?

I use Haas effect delays often enough and have never had a problem with it. I cant say that I have compared delaying the track to sliding the track, but I can’t imagine why there would be a difference unless the slide scale or delay is incorrect. But I don’t really worry about that - I get it close to what I think will work and then move it until it sounds right. Puzzle? I like puzzles though, so…


1 - new empty project
2 - set timeline to seconds
3 - set snap to 10ms
4 - find mono audio clip in Media Bay, drag it to a new track at 0.
5 - duplicate the track
6 - select the duplicate track audio event and click the “Move Right” tool twice to offset the event 20 ms from 0.
7 - set the 1st track’s delay to 20ms
8 - flip the input phase on either track
9 - play the audio from 0
10 - no sound

conclusion: no difference in sliding an event or delaying the event with the Track Delay.

I still find that dup’ing a track and sliding it - even parts of it by different amounts - is more flexible, but either way can be useful.

Using a Delay Plugin (like mono delay) has never crossed my mind though and I cannot see any advantage for doing that for a Haas effect with delay already built into the mixer. I also don’t typically lower the fader of either track, unless I am creating faux panning as well as faux stereo.

First answer is really easy - to me, it sounds different. It was also noticeable to the client.
(incidentally, I did not spot the delay in the inspector at first, as I often have Inspector closed, or I would probably never have tried it with the delay plugin).
I cannot really explain why this should be though, and will investigate further I think.
Lowering the delayed fader was a mix choice as it didn’t sound quite right with both at same level and dropping the delayed fader made it sit much better.

Actually, I think you are right about lowering the delay signal - in general. For me, when I do this, there is no right way - just what sounds right and I vary faders and delay until it works - or doesn’t - as the case may be.

As for the plugin issue - no idea - and frankly it doesn’t seem so interesting or useful to the task, unless I am missing something…


As far as the sound difference - I don’t know why it sounds different & it’s not really important either, I guess.
just a curiosity more than anything.

Lot’s of good suggestions. My thing with the plug is that’s how I used to make it work, but I’m not to old to learn new tricks. I’ll try copying and offsetting a track. That seems easiest for me to grasp.
P.S. I tried the surround delay, it didn’t give me what I was looking for, although I may have been using it wrong.